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Thought I'd share this problem AND solution that I came across on my 2000 GV. Shortly after buying my GV with about 116K on it began making an occasional rubbing sound when braking. It occurred about 1-2 times out of 10. The sound was a low tone rubbing noise, almost like a vibration, but no vibration was felt. Speed & brake intensity didn't seem to make a difference. I was suspecting a bad bearing.

I had already inspected the car when I brought it home after purchase and noticed the front brakes were almost new.

I took front brakes apart and then re-assembled like a mock brake job. Everything was in great shape but I noticed the brake pad clips (where the pads ride on/contact the caliper carrier) were bone dry, even had a tiny bit of rust. I cleaned them off and greased them with a small pack of ceramic brake grease.

Problem solved at a cost of $1.99!

I've received good help on this forum and want to pass some on. Hope this helps solve/prevent a problem.
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