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my mother has been driving around her little town in a Suzuki Swift Sport for the last god knows how many years but now it needs some welding work she's changing her car. The mechanic she's used for ages has advised her that its about £300 worth of welding but apart from that everything else is sound. It only does about 2000 miles a year! However, he did warn that if anything did go getting parts would be hard and this has spooked her to get a newer car. The mechanic has offered to scrap the car for her but, as I used to work in the classic car market, I know groups like yours exist for the preservation of these cars and also like to get them for spares. As I've said, body wise and mechanically it is sound. Its the classic little old lady owner for last 15 years.

She understands she can't sell it so just wants to see if anyone would want it before she lets the garage she uses take it and scrap it. A Donation to her church may be something that would be seen as a nice gesture. The car's in Spalding, Lincolnshire, it drives well so can be picked up and driven. If anyone would like it to either keep on the road or use for spares please let me know. I'll give it a few days and if nothing heard before Easter assume its not for anyone and commit it to the scrap pile.

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