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HI all I do not know if you guys would use this info but I found this site that has all Suzuki model by region. The only thing is it is in Russian,but if you use translate it works great and once you actually get to the parts list , it is all in English.

It is pretty simple to use first choose your region.

AF Африка Africa
AR Все регионы all Regions
AS Азия Asia
CA Канада Canada
CB Карибы Caribbean
EU Европа Europe
GE Главный This the only one I had trouble with I beleive England
LA Латинская Америка Latin America
ME Ближний Восток Middle East
MG Маркетинг Maketing
PA Тихий океан Pasific Ocean
RU Россия Russia

I could not find another free site so I thought I would share.

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