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It was recently pointed out by SonicAerio, a member of, that an article back from April had the previous President of American Suzuki quoted as saying that the arrangement between Suzuki and GM Daewoo to sell GMDAT-engineered Forenzas and Renos would continue into the forseeable future.

I can only hope that Mark Harano's plans remain the same. (And until it is stated otherwise I think its safe for us to assume they will)

Buried at the end of a Car & Driver article about the Verona, this is great news indeed, if it holds true. The Forenza and Reno (and Forenza Wagon, of course) contribute so much in the way of sales to American Suzuki that to do otherwise would seem almost foolish. The redesigned Lacetti is coming next year, so if the next version can improve on the sales of the current car, then combined with sales of the new Suzuki SUVs and the SX4 Sedan, American Suzuki's sales have the potential of hitting the 150,000 per year mark for the first time ever.

As the article notes, however, the much less popular Verona will not be returning as a version of the current GM Daewoo Tosca, and will instead be engineered by Suzuki.

The actual quote from the last line of the Verona article:

"Meanwhile, the Japanese carmaker will continue its arrangement with Daewoo to build the Suzuki Forenza and Reno, Mr. Suzuki said."

C&D Article: 2009 Suzuki Verona - More Horsepower - Car and Driver - April 2007

SUZUKIPHILE - Forenza and Reno Will Stay, American Suzuki President Quoted as Saying

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