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Not trying to challenge Tajima's Pike Peak Escudos, but if you have access to a really cheap complete Ford T-Bird 3.8L super charger setup, might as well take a look. Google Image has no good pics, so I found this overpriced EBAY auction for pics for those who have not seen the Eaton 90 for the Ford Thunderbird.

The T-Bird looks to best for rear access to the H27a and will still sit low enough on the engine. Some custom work will be necessary, but I wanted to see if someone here had some knowledge about supercharging the Suzuki V6, but not having a plethora of threads...I am assuming that all would have to be found out on a trial basis.

More than 10-times more expensive is the Sprintex Supercharger for the Jeep Wrangle. Looks like it could work too, but not at the money versus a used SC T-Bird Eaton M90 cost.

Looked on Auzookers too, but those guys hate horsepower thinking people ask for a Pikes Peak hillclimb car. Just want 50hp-100hp more.
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