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Hi all selling a Suzuki Vitara 1990

$2000 - no RWC supplied

171110 klms

This is my girlfriends car, just used as a daily commuter.

Ok guys n gals, very well priced fix up job here -or really good for parts.

The big stuff-

Ok so the car starts well, the motor runs well, there is an oil leak somewhere though, I haven't yet cleaned it up to find out where.
The big one is that the transmission is slipping when cold and will need to be replaced at some stage.

The small stuff -

Needs new door seals.

Small scrape/dent on rear left hand quarter panel.

Little bit of rust in bottom of doors and usual spots, nothing to bad for a 30 year old car.

The good stuff-

Interior has been reupholstered and looks very tidy:trophy:.

Give me a call and come n' have a look, thanks

Also, no swaps thanks, cheers

Sam 0412507360 email:[email protected]
location: Melbourne Victoria Australia

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