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Hi, disposing of my 5 door carry, drivers seat worn, needs exhaust at some point soon,
NEVER let me down, Leisure battery that only runs 4 small 15 light flat LED? lights in the back, 2 on roof 2 on back door.
Interior has been insulates and covered in grey cloth,
Flat floor with 3 storage compartments, the 2 small holes, were for "air con" have been cut to accept plastic boxes 15" x 11" x 6"
This is grate for 1 person camper, or flat floor still makes a good 1/2 ton work van,
I've been getting 35 mpg ave over the year, and this is a hill terrain around here.
It has Power steering / alarm / and remote start, perfect for winter mornings,
I have a bad left foot so now need an automatic g/box.otherwise I would keep it.
I live in Gloucester, England, UK,
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