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Just put a 1600 in my sami, whats the best oil and spark plugs to use, in my old engjne i just used 20/50 conventional with normal plugs, should i go with a e3 spark plug and 10/30 synthetic?

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How many miles on the trans plant?
If new 10/30 if not 20/50.
I have always had good luck with Castrol GTX.
E-3s are far far better than the NGK.
I have been an NGK die hard for 30+ years .
That is: until I ran the E-3 plug .
Huge difference .
I am now running them in:
Ford 460 cid
Ford 351 M
Suzuki 1300
Jeep 258
Jeep 2.5
Jeep 4.0
Jeep 401 cid
Chevy 350 cid
Datsun L-20B
Datsun SSS- L-18
All have noticeable power and efficiency gains.
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