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Just wanted to Post on my journey so far with the swift

Have a Suki Swift 2008 plate , UK model Got it with very low mileage 55K , it came with Lowered suspension . Had it about 6 months

Just wanted to go over some challenges , and issues I had with it

It failed its MOT ( uk safety test ) recently ( control arm problems) :
Control Arm bushings and ball joint rubbers split ( problems both Sides ) . I actually replaced the control arms myself . There are several vids on YouTube showing the swift control arm replacement ,20 min videos and looked easy but, was a royal pain , and not as half as easy as it looked on youtube . I am not sure if this was because of the Lowered suspension springs ? Was very tight , I had to use a hydraulic jack to push it up into the flange , was very difficult .

My front right tyre has been gradually loosing pressure every day ( about 1 psi per day )
After replacing the control arms , I inspected the wheels and found burn marks and flat points in the both the front alloys . It appears they were dubiously repaired , there is a visual flat point in both wheels . I am thinking of replacing all the alloys with aftermarket ones , as repairing and repainting would cost £100 + just for the two . All of the alloy's paint has faded/ flaked . It appears the previous owner used brake cleaner on the wheels . There are some decent sets of aftermarket rims in better condition for the £200 mark , such as the Team Dynamics Jet RS Black though I think the Offset could be too much on these ?

It appears one of LED's are intermittent on the Speedo Dial ,as part of the display flickers , I imagine this will be difficult to fix ? Might just ignore this .

The front seats are starting to look tired , I wondered if these could be easily replaced ?
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