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Hey All,

Just wanted to say hey.....I just stepped into the Suzuki Samurai world and have done a lot of reading here before I bought and a lot of research, investigating, and general interest reading.

I ended up buying a 1987 Samurai Tin-Top. Its a neat little rig that is in great shape exterior and interior and seems to run really well. Only little thing I noticed is that the T-Case pops out of 4-low very easily and wont seem to engage. Need to do some research on that one.

Trying to decide on the best route for a 2-3" lift for on-road manners and general hunting type driving (no 4-wheeling), and then add some decent tires/rims and this will be a driver to and from work sometimes and then used mainly for hunting.

I actually snagged a set of Dodge Neon R/T seats today for $75 in great shape. They are black leather and I'm thinking they might be a great addition to the Sammi for the price. This will be my first 'upgrade' I'll be doing as right now the seats didnt match and were a bit rough.

Anyone ever run the Neon RT seats in their Sammi before?

Anyways....hey to everyone and hope to spend a lot more time here soon!!
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