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Need to sell a Firmware Modded (yes you can play burned games) Xbox 360. It is in perfect condition and comes with everything you can imagine. This is a premium so it has the 20gb hard drive and the Component HD cables already.

2: Wireless Controlers
1: Xbox live wired headset
1: Microsoft Xbox 360 Universal Remote Control
1: 3 Month Subscription to Xbox Live

5 Games

1: PGR 3
1: Forza Motorsport
1: Dead or alive 4
1: Prey
1: Chrome Hounds

Plenty of previously downloaded Xbox Marketplace content.
Movie Trailers
Demo Games including the newly released Forza Motorsport 2 Demo
Including a couple of Live arcade games and theme packs.

Make me an offer, no lowballing. We both know what it is worth. If you are planning to offer under $300.00 forget about it. You can go buy a non-modified one with much less gear for that price.:p
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