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So after a very long search to get a snorkel for my 2000 Tracker...I was able to order one from Europe. came with zero instructions. A kinda-sorta template. The template I am guessing is for the European/Asian market as it uses the side marker light that those counties Grand Vitara/Tracker have on the finder to locate where to drill the holes.

Pretty much no support from the seller.

And it came with no flex hose to connect the snorkel to the air box. Not that big of a deal, as I can get a flexible radiator hose to use, but I am very disappointed that this is going to be a much bigger project then I was anticipating.

So much so that I am just going to forget the whole idea.

So...if anyone is interested in taking on this project, it is for sale.

It cost me $175.00 shipped to my door. I will take $150.00 shipped in US.

This will fit a 1999-2005 Suzuki GV/Vitara or Chevy Tracker 2dr or 4dr with the 2.0L 4cyl or V6 motor.

Take care, Stan

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