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Our Sammy made so many sounds that sounded very unhealthy when we first got it. Right after we bought it I rebuilt the tranny and that eliminated a very loud whine noise. I also put in new bearings in the transfer case. Yet it still sounded pretty sick with random clunks and rattles. So when a rear axle bearing went out last month, I decided to replace all the other worn stuff in the drivetrain. Is sounds so much better now!!! No more clunks and rattles. In the process I'm getting a lot more wrenching experience that I imagined but I think I've reached the light at the end of the tunnel today. All is finished except for cosmetic things I'll work on as time permits. (Want to refinish wheels in satin black like I refinished the spare, and sand and paint over rusted area from roll over.) Hoping that the engine will hold up for a while. I feel better now that there isn't all the noise, clunks and rattles. Here is what I've done so far. I bought a 12 ton press at Harbor Freight for $96 on sale which I used a lot. I already had a cheap HF welding machine that has worked well for me. If anyone here is a mechanic, I'd love to know what the labor cost would have been if I had all the work below done at a dealer:

Last year:
Installed winch
Rebuilt transmission
Replaced timing belt
Replaced front oil seal on engine
Installed new clutch and bearing
Rebuilt transfer case
Installed heavy duty transfer case mounting bolts
Welded roll cage
Mounted high lift jack to swing out tire carrier
Installed new ignition coil

Last few weekends:
Door hinge quick disconnect mod
Installed 6.5 gears in transfer case
Replaced rear axle bearings and seals
Installed mini spool rear locker
Replaced rear brake pistons
Rear brake job including turning drums
Front brake job including turning rotors
Replaced all 6 universal joints
Welded Jerry can bracket
Installed knuckle rebuild kit (w/ front wheel and king pin bearings)
Replaced front and rear differential pinion gear oil seals

Next I'm painting the rims and I think I'm pretty much done with fixing up the Samurai!

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