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Hi guys,

I am from India. I have had a long standing dream to have a fast Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. Its basically a bigger version of the Samurai. This is how the car looks -

Now this came in 2 variants-

1 Litre Carb-

This came had two types again, one was a wide track and the older ones were narrow track. These are no longer made anymore.It had a 4 speed gearbox -

Gearbox ratio-
First -3.14
Second -1.95
Third - 1.42
Fourth - 1

1.3 Litre

This is the one currently one can buy with a MPFI engine. This used to come with a Carb engine previously.

1st: 3.652
2nd: 1.947
3rd: 1.423
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.795
R: 3.466

2WD: 1.409
4WD: 2.268

Axle: 3.73

Now what i want to do is to buy a 1.3(1300cc SOHC) MPFI and then want to do a engine transplant to a G16B ( 1600cc SOHC 16v) or retain the 1.3 and pimp it up by putting a high lift cam, Free flow exhaust system with headers a performance intake and also if possible increase the REV limit from 6700RPM.
The main use for this car would be dragging and rallying, NO OFF ROADING! I want a fast and reliable car. A few people have done the 1.6 conversion but they say that the final drive ratios limit the top speed the car can reach. I still plan to retain the 4x4 and also the stock T case.

I want to know what is a solution to get a better final drive ratio in order to reach higher speeds. Are these available off the shelf ? What is the cost?

Experts please give your valuable comments.

Thank you

Indrojit Sircar

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I would not want to routinely spin a 1.6 over 6500 RPM.

There are nice gains to be had from port matching the head to the manifolds, but their are cooling passages that have to be plugged or avoided in the exhaust ports.

Are you saying that the gearing is too numerically low or that it is too high? I am unaware of numerically lower gearing, but the stock gearing is good for 111 mph at 6,000 rpm and is faster than I'd ever want to go in a Samurai. You could get taller gearing by going to a taller tire.

I would expect that the gearing is actually too tall for best top speed unless the engine is radically improved, and I would also no longer expect the engine to be reliable at those power levels.

If the gearing is too numerically low, you could change the transfer case gears to get better gearing. Alternatively, you could replace the differential ring and pinions. A 4.16 transfer case gear would give you 1.578 low range gearing which would move top speed to 99 mph at 6,000 rpm.

Here is a gear calculator;
Suzuki Samurai Gear Calculator

Here are some available transfer case gears;
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case

And a couple of gears;
Suzuki Samurai Differentials | Ring and Pinion | Install Kits
Do a google search for more.

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How fast do you want to go in it? I think that the gearing would be adequate for most occasions, top speed may be more limited by aerodynamics and handling. I'm not aware of any higher gearing. It may be possible to raise the rev limit but it would depend on what type of ECU you have there are a good few different types, and Indian ECUs are often different to the rest of the world.
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