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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on Parts, Tech Publications + "How-to" links...

Developed to aid in locating the most sought after topics based on the number of thread views, and additionally those areas of key subject interest. Last updated 03/13/21.

Please check-in here prior to first time forum posting:
Welcome to all Newbie's! Start here...

Technical Publications:
Max's FREE Pubs stash. Service, Owner's and more Manuals! MediaFire
Additional model free publications (SideTrack link) Tracker, Sidekick, and Samurai Repair Manuals
Factory Manuals and software for purchase>> Genuine Suzuki Manuals

Genuine (OE) parts: With part #'s and diagrams!
California Suzuki Car Parts Catalog Online Store
N. Carolina Chevy Tracker Parts> GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts
Kentucky GM Parts Online - Buy OEM GM Parts direct and save up to 40%
Arizona: Suzuki Parts Department in Tempe | Bill Luke Tempe
New Jersey Genuine OEM Suzuki Automotive Parts
Ohio World Suzuki Subaru Parts - Genuine OEM Suzuki & Subaru Parts & Accessories | World OEM Parts Subaru
Florida: is no longer processing new orders :(
U.A.E. (Asia) PartSouq Suzuki Search here by VIN too! :)
UK Suzuki Car Parts - next day delivery on thousands of Suzuki Car Parts from Sims Suzuki
Caribbean Simpson Motors Limited Suzuki Caribbean | Choose Your Country
Japan (based) Megazip, worldwide warehousing source Suzuki Car & Auto Genuine OEM Parts for Sale | Online Store

Aftermarket Mail Order:
SUZUKI Parts | RockAuto
(Forum Sponsor)

Low Range Off-road
Used Parts Sources:
Oregon Trail Tough Used Suzuki Samurai, X90, Sidekick, XL7, and Geo Tracker Parts
Arkansas Universal Auto Sales
UK HomeSelect new OE parts as well.

USA / Canada Wrecker search engines: Auto Parts Market

VEHICLE INFO (general):
Suzuki OBD Trouble Codes –

Cold Air Intake system mods
Bought Cold Air Intake

02 Sensor Replacement
Oxygen sensors

Alternate tire size options:
2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 JLX Tire Size?

Engine and transmission removal
H25a (V-6) Engine removal / replacement...
Removing 2.5 l engine from my chevy tracker 2001
2001 XL7 Manual Tranny Drop
Wanting to make a swap (2.7L to 2.5L V-6 particulars)
Vitara project - J20a to J23a swap (J20a to J23a swap)

Ignition timing setting
Set ignition timing without tech or ignition shorting connector

Engine noise at start-up.
Valve noise for the first 2 seconds.


Which manufacturers Diesel engine do I have?
What engine do I have

J20a (2.0L)
Timing Chains and Tensioners (Vitara & Tracker) repair info:
J20A 4 cylinder: Timing Chains and Tensioners (Vitara & Tracker) repair info:

Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS, aka CMP)
Vitara stalling when idle
Camshaft Position Sensor on 2003 Vitara 2.0 L

Where to buy an oil pan and how to install...
Where to buy an oilpan and how to install...

Engine vibration due to motor mount issues? See...
Motor Mounts...Again (I'm sorry)

H25a / H27a (2.5L / 2.7L)
Timing Chains & Tensioners (GV, Tracker & early XL-7) repair info...
H25a / H27a V-6: Timing Chains & Tensioners repair info...
Timing chain on H25A 2.5L V6 broke. How easy would the...

A/C belt changing / tightening technique with a manual tensioner
Accessory drive Belt issues...

Alternator and belt removal tips
Alternator Belt

Exhaust Smoke. Valve Cover Baffle drainage issues and PCV Info...
H25 / H27 V-6: Blue Exhaust Smoke. Valve Cover Baffle drainage issues and PCV Info...

Where can I find my Camshaft Position Sensor?
Where can I find my Camshaft Position Sensor? (2.5L V6 2003 Grand Vitara)

MAF and inlet duct replacement info...
Code P0102 MAF (Circuit Voltage Low). Sensor and inlet duct replacement info...

MAF info:
Bad Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)

Where are my spark plugs?
Where are the spark plugs????

Servicing the EGR valve and Intake Plenum gaskets...:
servicing EGR valve

Engine hard to start and fuel "Flooding" symptoms...
Another 99 Grand Vitara No Start!

Starter removal tips:
Starter Removal Tips 02 ZR2 Tracker (Grand Vitara)
Any of you guys ever change a starter in a 2003 suzuki grand vitara

Oil pan removal and reseal. Lessons learned + tips
H25a V-6 Oil pan removal and reseal. Lessons learned + tips
sump gasket replacement

Cooling System:
Radiator Replacement
When good radiators go bad...

Finding and fixing coolant leaks...
Engine cooling system leakage. Locating, repairing, ID'ing parts...
What a Place For A Coolant Leak (2.5L V-6)

Conversion: mechanical to 12V thermostatic electric fan
Conversion: mechanical to 12V thermostatic electric fan

Drive train:
4 Wheel Drive problems to include early (thru '04) XL-7's
4 Wheel Drive problems to include early (thru '04) XL-7's. Tech / repair info here...

Gear Oils:
Differential & manual tranny fluid check
Transfer case fluid what kind?

Stuck transmission, differential or transfer case drain or fill plugs?
Dayum! Stuck fill plugs!

Clutch problems...
Time to replace clutch

Loose (manual) shifting mechanism!
Loose gear shifter

Automatic Transmission level checks and transmission oil changing...
Automatic Transmission questions, 2002 ZR-2 Tracker

Rear Axle Bearing and axle seal servicing:
Rear axle bearing and seal replacement, '99 GV and early era XL-7 info.....

Front hub (wheel bearing) replacement...
Vitara front wheel bearing quandry
Wheel Bearing bad....can I fix it myself?

CV joint / seal free play (differential nylon bushing up-grade)
CV joint free play

CV Shaft and Boot replacement:
is that hard to change CV boots on 1999 gv?
1999 front differential and engine removal questions...

Finicky hydraulic clutch operation?
Finicky clutch operation?

Heating and Air Conditioning:
A/C system overhaul. Lessons learned:
A/C system overhaul. Lessons learned...

Rear AC issues

Cabin Filter. Do I have one? How to change..
cabin air filter ?

Compressor troubleshooting...
2001 Tracker A/C Compressor Replacement

Amount of refrigerant charge and compressor replacement...
A/C works/doesn't work issue

A/C condenser fan issues & under-hood 25amp fuse blowing...
ac fan

Heater Core replacement
2000 Vitara 2.0L Heater Core replacement

Frame, Steering and Suspension:
Calmini 2.5" Lift Kit
Calmini 2.5" Lift Kit
4xfourart 3" suspension lift

Rusted out front cross-member
99 Tracker/Vitara - Front crossmember

Tightness in steering
power steering

Rack and pinion housing, rubber securing mount / bushings...
Rack&Pinion Rubber Bushing Replacement info

Brake shoe installation, lessons learned...
Brake shoe replacement, lessons learned...

Front brake (calipers) dragging...
Front brakes dragging

Starter or battery??
Starter or Battery

Steering wheel "clock spring" / Multi-function switch and Air Bag light problems?
Clock spring failure

Ignition (no start) blackout...
ignition blackout

Radio removal (1999-2003), HVAC control lighting, dash light dimming, Auto Trans floor shifter light bulb replacement...
Auto dash light dimming and HVAC control lights are out. Shifter lightbulb info too!

How to fix a faulty power window switch
how to fix power window switch

Re-programming the 1999 & 2000 remote door lock system...
Remote Central Lock on 2000 GV

Side door panel removal and window operating problems?
99 GV front windows

1999 Vitara Grill Removal

Head and side light replacement

I "gutted" my cat!

Trailer towing capabilities
6x12 Uhaul Trailer with Grand Vitara?
What safeguards to NOT ruin my automatic trans while towing

Flat towing your Zuk
Flat towing behind motorhome
Towing a 2001 GV 4x4 limited, what do I buy?

Common Problems of note?
1999-2003 Common Problems?

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