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Before I continue, I am finding the Suzuki forum members to be a shy lot. Either that or you are all like me and have little technical knowledge. Enough of the moan.

For any of you thinking of buying a suzi, or lets face it, any other car in the UK, if not elsewhere, you may be offered a product called SUPAGARD. It is good stuff, and will protect your paintwork better than wax and will protect your fabric from spills. However, your friendly gdealer will charge you anywhere upwards of £200 for the pleasure.

Foolishly I fell for it. Discounting the free carpet mats, I reckon I paid £150 to have this Supagard applied. Only after did I check can buy various combinations of the product for a lot, lot less.

The paint protector is superb. You apply it like a wax and it leaves your paintwork smooth. Those of you who use RAIN-X on your windshield will know what I mean. So no more waxing, just a jet spray and a chamois.

Enjoy your Jimny.

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