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So this has been going on for a lill while..

Ill copy n paste some history -

So not long ago changed over the engine in the ute.
She blew the pistons on the first one and so we have chucked another 1lt in.

Since then, Its been running like a pig on the first run..
You can hear the thing spitting and missing on power down.
Choke helps a little but not that much, It WAS like that for the first 15/20mins each day then would be not too bad..

I took the air intake pipe off the carby and rev'd put the hand over and then cupped the intake, drew a fair amount of fuel and not much grit/dirt.

Changed the fuel filter and this made zero difference..

What is annoying however, is sometimes after a run.. you can let the engine sit for say three hours, will get cold .. then will start first time and not miss a trick.

But since doing the fuel filter, on the first run and almost for an hour (or until i get where im going) she misses and farts and pings..
Almost sounds like a rock hitting the lid of the bonnet sometimes.. sharp ping..

Also, She is now loosing all power when she misses, power down clutch fully out and ZERO power like you have put your foot back on the clutch.
Enough to jolt your body forward..
I give it heaps of revs and she will go again, then next time (stop and go) say at lights, same thing.. power down.. move then BAM complete loss of drive and movement.. Again clutch in, rev the bollocks of it..
and she goes..

Its extremely dangerous as I almost got cleaned up today when I pulled out of a junction with plenty of time, but lost all power and stalled right in the middle of the road..
Shit my pants and almost flooded the engine getting back going..

Thing is i'm conscious of revving the bollocks off it and stressing the engine ..


also add that the is an audible sound of spitting, like a sprinkler chocking/limiting out water.. if that makes any sense.. The power through gears is extremely laboured ..


Since then I have replaced, Fuel and Oil Filters. Put in some premium fuel.
Changed all spark plugs, Dizzy Cap, Points and Leads..
New Oil Change.

This has sorted out the complete dead spots, however it is missing and farting and doing my head in..

After getting pissed off with it, I gave her a few days off and the following clip is the result.

She drives very erratically, pings and misfires in 4th mostly, but in every gear if you're not ranting it..

Cheers guys!


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Just to let ya know..

The timing was completely retarded..

Dizzy mounted way to the left, centered and adjusted and its running sweet..

Thank F*** for that!
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