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Exhaust pipe hanger hardware.

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Replacing the exhaust pipe on my Samurai & hit a snag re the rubber pipe hangers.
The hangers resemble the attached pic, and the bolts passing through the holes use steel / iron sleeves, to take up the slack space between the bolts & the holes.
One of mine so far is badly rusted and another is frozen onto the bolt, where I had to cut the bolt off with a hacksaw.
Haven't been able to find replacements. Don't even know what they are properly called.
Looking at making do with sawn off 1/4" pipe nipples, but the actual parts would be nice.
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Your attached pic looks like someone cut a crude replacement out of heavy rubber, below is what the original looked like.

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#14281-78010 - MOUNTING, CENTER PIPE, discontinued, replaced by #14281-60G01
#14281-79010 - MOUNTING, MUFFLER, discontinued, replaced by 14281-60G11

As you can see the "sleeves" are a part of the mount, originally bonded to the rubber - you can order them from, but the shipping will be more than the parts - RockAuto has generic replacements, and so most likely does your local muffler shop, or just go ahead with the sawed off pipe nipples
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The attached pic was one I found via a word search.
The ones I bought didn't have the sleeves.
I did pull one easily out of one of the old ones when I matched up (sorta) the 1/4" nipples.
Slightly larger diameter but should shove in & not very loose on the bolts.
Still, easier to get something off a shelf than to do the hacksaw work.
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