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So I'm looking to redo my exhaust. The main driver behind me wanting to do this project honestly is that it is too loud right now and that between 2700 and 3k RPM I get a very bad vibration that I am fairly certain comes from a damaged muffler. The previous owners have removed the cat and put an aftermarket muffler on it along with 2'' pipe.

Would it be worth my time and money to put a new 3-Y (prob from xtremezuksoffroad) but with just a cheap and quieter muffler and the universal cat I already have? I guess I'd use 2'' pipe again? All manuf. claim increased HP & MPG with their headers, I guess I'm just a little skeptical.

From what I've read from threads I searched out in here I may need to do some air intake adjustments as well? I have a stock carb right now and will be keeping it that way for a while.

Thanks guys
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