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Goodnight everybody, I'm new in the forum, and I have listening some noise since earlier today.

(Here's the video of the sound after switching off the engine)

I have bought a SX4-Scross 2018 like 1 month ago, and I have been going to the country side last week, to the point that I had one tire flat while on the mountains (don't know how).

Anyway, I changed the flat, but after I arrived home and switched off the engine, I started t hear some pitching sound (like an alarm, which I don't have, as the car dealership didn't give me one), and I wanted to know where it came from. As I had a look under the hood, I could hear some cracking noise, and I got worried.

This sound happens after I swithc off the engine, and after I get in acc mode. I have been tryind to hear if it sounds while the engine is working, and I could hear the pitching sound.

Can anybody help me about what it could be? I can start the engine always, but been feeling the transmition "drags" a little to the right, I mean, I have a little "blank space" while turning the steering wheel to the right, while turning to the left I don't have it. (it's like 3 grades in the wheel.)

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the forum.

Funny sound, I hope you didn't have to pay extra for it! :huh:



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