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Hi everyone,

My mums 99 plate auto Jimny has developed a very loud knocking noise at idle. I lifted the bonnet and very slowly adjusted the throttle cable and the noise would get louder around 1100 rpm but suddenly go away at 1100+. The noise is quite hard to describe, loud irregular metal knocking. I tried to identify exactly where it comes from and it seems to be the front of the block just behind the fan.

I'm not sure if these elements are related but just for the bigger picture, there is a slight oil leak (i'm guessing a cracked sump/seal from it's oil spill pattern) and also while the engine is cold there is a bearing squeal noise, the cam belt was changed 6 months ago and was fine but slowly developed. Could be belts slipping? Anyhow I digress, from my research on this forum it indicates that it could be a piston skirt or rod?? Please bear in mind I'm not a mechanic beyond the point of a basic service.

Any ideas very welcome

Thanks in advance
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