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I've got a few electrical questions I hope might have answers:

Why are there so many grounded points on the car's electrical loom? Under the hood and around the body I can find at least 20 body-grounded wires. I've never really though twice about it before - but for a car that's quite simple I don't understand the amount of wiring going on, and the amount of loom connection points... it's extraordinary :unsure:

I don't have EFI, no computer systems to manage (well, just the ECU under the dash), no ABS, no thermo fan, no spotlights, no power steering... Just a 1990 1.3L carby Hardtop zook - apart from the stock equipment the only luxuries I have are an air con and a 200w car stereo with 4 speakers attached. I don't have to run any of the pollution system, nor the carby's electric setup, so it's gone too (I have LPG exemption). I have all the lights, a heater, dashboard stuff, the LPG stuff, a few sensors/senders, a battery... doesn't seem like there's too much to it...

Seeing this loom is 20 years old and showing it i'm thinking of making a new one using the schematic I have. This time i'll use direct connections, ditching as much of the unnecessary as possible. While i've never done it before, it's not beyond my capability. I won't be happy unless I get it looking 10x better under the hood than it already is, and a guaranteed long-term solution.

Firstly, I want to know if I can buy another plastic matrix connection piece that connects to the main ECU unit? That's seemingly the starting point to everything.

Otherwise, if able - what advice, basic information, troubleshooters can anyone give me here?
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