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I've got a 1991 Geo Tracker that came in what GEO called "ELECTRIC BLUE". This color was only available on the base model, and I don't know if it was available on the SIDEKICK. I also don't know how many years this color was around, although I think some Geo Metro's used it.

Anyway, I've got some spots that need some attention. Some would call them "small blemishes", other will call them "major catastrophes". Whatever, what suggestions, approaches does a DIY person have? The biggest issue is on the roof -- which is hard to notice -- but should I consider spray or can paint first?????

The original paint is from 1991, so matching will be difficult, but the roof is a good "testing ground"

Any advise will be appreciated.
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What does everyone think of the new electric blue color available on the Blackwings? I read that they will also make it available on the regular V's for the 2022 model year. I really like. Always been a fan of blue. Wave is nice but the electric blue is a more eye catching, especially against all the black accents. Makes the car pop and is a very sporty stand out color. Really highlights the body lines nice too. What you think?
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