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My 2004 verona is dead. I need help.
The first of the six ignation coils went bad. So I tried to use a similar one sourced from a scrap store to replace it as i could not find a new one from any store around. As soon as I pluged the wire to the coil, the whole engine vibrated with a ratle noice and stoped. there is no more current to the coils and therefore no spark again from the spark plugs. I checked all the fuses to see if any one cut but non.
One mechanic I invited to check the car told me that my brain box is damaged and needs replacement after reading these codes P1671 and P1673 from it. Another one told me that the ECU needs reprogramming but the problem is that there is no good verona mechanic capable to do this around here.

could any boby please tell what to do or at worse tell me where to get a good ECU for replacement. My E-mail is [email protected]
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