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2010 sx4 hatch

I'm in nova scotia and its impossible to have anyone here rebuild my driveshaft :(

I found someone that specializes in those in Quebec by the name of Usinage LC.

$275 for a driveshaft + core/return.
Apparently the shafts are the same from 2006 to 2013 as far as rebuilding them goes.

Well I got mine replaced and immediately it was good but not perfect.

I still got the shake at 100Kph but went away at 110 but back at 120.

I found that the front section of the driveshaft was wobbling slightly. Probably about 1/8" but that was enough to cause the shake I was getting.

The way I fixed it was to find the imbalance and correct it.
My flange was true up and down but the surface was not.

I used a dial indicator on the shaft and shimmed the flange to balance out the high and low points until I got the driveshaft deflection to less than 10 thou :)
I started off by finding the high spot. I then added shims to push that side out on the flange until the deflection was minimal.

Then off for a test run......

No vibration at all :D

I ran the car on jacks in first gear and used a rat tail file to smooth out a spot for the dial indicator because it was painted and lumpy where I wanted to measure. That worked great and when I was finished shimming I couldn't see the deflection by eye.

This was just an experiment but it worked.

At first I used single sheets of paper between the flange and U joint and when I got up to 3 sheets that nearly fixed all the shaft wobble.
Then I made shims out of shim stock aluminum but I suppose I could have left the paper in there and it would have been fine lol

Also I did try the shaft in every possible way on the diff flange and all that did was move the imbalance. So it wasn't the driveshaft. it was my flange that was bad.

Anyways just Fyi
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