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I just share my experience :

I have abs esp pump problems in my GV 2007 2.7L 4WD (JB627)

Errors codes are c1028 and was c1071, just need to install an new received Ebay complete abs bloc.

While searching here i found a few pointers, to the abs aluminum bloc who has an failing sensor, a member here said to change only the bloc, codes cleared at the garage, it worked fine for 20 minutes and error light came back ???

Having bought 5 different ELM327 adapters, quality greatly differs from one to another, bought an Canadian Tire obd2 scanner Innova 3100 who said to do abs stuff, but it is not compatible with Suzuki abs systems.. lost around 200$ in the process ..

Checked many brand and scanners models ranging from 150$ usd up to 3k$, a member told me : Foxwell NT630 Pro could do Suzuki abs bleeding and wanting to avoid many more visits at my garage, 65$ charged each time for an scanner use, i had enough

Up to now I found 2 technologies who can do the job, An Tech-2 device, 350$usd and more or the Suzuki software SDT-2 found on cars forums.

There is Delphi Cars or Wurth WOW software's, even found many many hacked versions, but upon checking the supported models, they don't have North American ones like the JB627, and there's tons of quality issues with them, 1 board 2 boards etc .... the leaked software's are hex edited to hack versions numbering claiming they had updated / hacked databases, maybe they still works ?? tons of vcd pro devices around 40-50$ usd

The new 2016 version is a rip off, the hex2stuff guy ask 150 Euro for an keygen ???


I came to find many solutions / conversions for an Ford VCM-2 unit who is a perfect Bosh clone of the Suzuki Etas ES6516 vcm device, the Ford is red, Suzuki is blue, but firmware is different too...


I shared my experiences and how's to in the 3 reviews i have made on the product ...

Best Quality VCM II VCM2 For Ford Diagnostic Tool

Costed me 220$ cad chipped by Dhl, include duty fee's of 22$ cad, chatted with an lady who confirmed many times it was an perfect Bosh clone of for VCM-2

Not sure if they actually build it for Ford ???

not paid in any way to do a review, just sharing new solutions and idea's
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