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So my left fender is crumpled, the hood is dinted, the rear driver side door is crumpled a bit, and the light is shattered on my 2013 SX4. Not the most severe hit. Still drive-able but after the 20 min trip the rest of the way to work the ABS and traction control light came on and the cruise control stopped working. After the 1 hour trip home after work the check engine light came in. She is resting awaiting repair now.

Mechanically seems good, drives smooth and straight still. I'm guessing it is a front left tire speed sensor issue.

Can someone recommend a reasonably priced OBDII code reader that will pick up the generic and Suzuki specific codes for all of the Body, Chassis, Powertrain, and Network codes. I just need it to find the codes.

Also does anyone have any experience with any Canadian or U.S. sources for jobber door shells, fenders and hoods? Recommend.
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