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Hi guys!

Would anyone happen to know the inner dimensions of the OEM item known as: "990B0-35040"? This is the upper dash replacement part that is supposed to fit a garmin unit; it clicks and folds up/down, hiding the unit when not in use.

I am interested in adapting/hacking one to use as a dock for my phone (with audio+power+connectivity to arduino and gadgets I have around the car), and so would need to know what the widest is, of a thing one can fit in there.

If I search for "nuvi 700" (I think they are supposed to fit) I get the measurement "4.8 in x 3 in" (so about 12cm wide horisontally), and from the few images I find it looks to be a snug fit, so I cannot count on more than maybe 13 or 14cm (5.5 in).. but I wish I knew. Anyone out there with one of these that wouldn't mind measuring it for me? :)

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