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Hi guys
I had been having a problem with starting my car, it died and the check engine light came on, the codes were for crankshaft sensor fault but when ordering the part suzuki themselves said that was wrong it was the camshaft sensor, so I ordered a crankshaft sensor just cause I thought they might be fobbing me off, but the plug was to big to go on the existing plug socket, so I got a camshaft sensor instead off ebay and the plug was still to big to fit on the existing one, my question is have I actually been looking in the right place, I have been taking out what looks like a camshaft sensor and its right next to the air filter box hidden away, sort of behind the air intake, im at a loss cause I have tried both camshaft and crankshaft and the only problem with them both is that the plug is to small as the plug on mine is quite small. I drive a 2005 1.5 suzuki swift

Sorry about the essay

Any help would be great :)
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