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Crank/Cam alignment

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I had the timing belt fail (less than two years old- Ever Green brand). After opening up the cover, I can find no apparent reason for the failure...other than it being a crappy belt. When the belt broke, the engine died, so I'm hoping there was not valve to piston happened while coasting at very low speed. Is there an easy way to tell if there was damage without removing the head?

The FSM states to not turn the cam or crank independently of each other, however I need to align the "E" Dot on the cam gear and the Dot on the crank with the "arrow" I need to turn the gears independently of each other. Is this a potential problem?

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Hopefully you didnt install another ""Ever Green"" there again :rolleyes::oops:
Thanks for that Turbo...
I installed an AC Delco Gold.

Happy that your stress is resolved..
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