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Hi all.
I had to leave all my extra parts behind during a divorce and she has them all up for sale. She does not want to sell just parts, the whole thing or nothing.

So, what I have or had. Body parts from a 1989 4wd soft top Sidekick.
Undercarriage parts from a 1991 2wd soft top Geo Tracker.

No top, no wheels, no motor, no seats, no tail gate.
She has all this stuff in a pile and I have a picture.

I gutted the Sidekick so everything that would unbolt is in a pile. Clutch peddles to steering its all there.

I will remove this once she sells that stuff.
Here is her Craiglist ad. Its located in Washington State 25 miles south from Port Townsend in a small town called Quilcene Washington. (tip of the Hood Canal)
She will not ship anything so its going to be bring a truck and trailer. The Sidekick body is still setting on a trailer and was hit in the rear so the frame is bent. It does have a windshield that has one rock chip in it too.

Geo Tracker + Suzuki Sidekick Parts
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