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I have overheating, coolant boiling issues, with my 98 samurai, I’m currently doing a project at the desert of Atacama with my jeep so at the moment only my hands are the ones I can count on to fix this.
my mechanical knowledge is very limited so be kind!. hopefully I can get hints on solving this by myself since there is nobody around, I can actually go to a car repair shop, far away from here however in this cities I’m probably the only one using an old car so i don’t know how they would help me.

some facts
- first, the suzuki temperature gauge never reaches more than the middle so I assume there is problem with the temp sensor too
- I removed the radiator cap and no changes.
- I have never seen any leaks
- no visible smoke coming out of the exhaustion pipe.
- a kind of specialist in this cars told me that it was the fan that hasn’t enough grip to push air back to the radiator when hot so he weld it so now is constantly pushing. (the overheating was solved for a while)
- (I’m carrying around 100 kg of gear)
- when driving uphill on a hot day or when using the 4 wheels for a while on a hot day I get the coolant boiling out the small reserve water tank
- I removed the thermostat (which I installed since it came without one) and helped however I still get the boiling situation when pushing the samurai harder in a hot day.
- the problem now is that in the night it gets way colder so I think i really need to take the thermostat back and fix the boiling problem.
- one last probably unrelated problem is that i believe the car has not much power when driving uphill, even when the temperature seems fine I have to drive using the first gear which is a bit embarrassing . t

thank you!
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