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We've got the Suzuki Wagon R which has 2 back seats and were trying to find a compatible baby car seat for sizes 1,2 and 3 if possible.

We've bought 3 different models already but none of them seem to fit correctly :(. We pull the back seatbelt all the way to activate the child restraint mode, then we fit the car seat, tight the seatbelt as much as possible but even like that all 3 car seats were really loose afterwards?

I think part of the problem is that the seatbelt buckle that's attached to the frame of the car is too long compared to other modern cars, and then the seatbelt itself doesn't seem to be fully compatible with this car design.

But having tried 3 completely different models and having had problems with all of them, I wonder if anyone could send us a link, or brand and model of something that they manage to fit correctly?

Many thanks guys!
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