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Listen, the ol girl's having a bit of trouble waking up in the morning.

60,000 Km.(37,284 mi.) and maintenance is up to date. What used to be trouble free starting has turned into 5 to 10 seconds of cranking.

Once ignition has started, sometimes the check engine light stays on and it idles really rough. When I try to give her gas, she'll stall out. Usually on the second attempt she gets it right and I'm on my way. There hasn't been any change to fuel consumption that I have been able to detect.

But Chevrolet claims there is nothing wrong, and were unable to duplicate the symptoms at their garage. All they've reccomended is some chemical concoction they spray in the engine which is supposed to remove carbon deposits from key points throughout the fuel delivery and ignition systems, and right out the exhaust.

While this vehicle has just lapsed out of warranty, I am curious if anyone has had similar problems and/or remedies.
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