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Thanks for getting back to us both, glad to see you’re still playing with your Suzuki’s too!

would you recommend liana coilovers as Baleno ones don’t exist in Australia
Liana ones will be the way to go, but wether you get them from DGR or BC Racing they are upwards of $1200 kangaroo dollars. hence why the GC8 option was so tasty as $350 for coilovers was very enticing. Putting a shock through the strut top or loosing control when hitting a pebble on the ground isnt though. (Google spring rates and how it effects handling)

My current aim is to see if there is any way to look at getting some GC8 coilovers with a modified sping rate that is way softer than factory for a GC8 but would suite the baleno nicely.

No luck yet as any company that offers those kinds of options are again upwards of $1200 bunyip coins :p
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