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Hi all,

This question is probably general mechanics although I thought I would ask in my trusty and very helpful Suzuki forum!

I have a '91 Vitara and while I was driving yesterday, all of a sudden my clutch made a popping noise and that was the end of it. The pedal stayed depressed and I obviously couldn't use the gears. I was able to divert off the main road and further start it again in first gear and crawl home in second.

I didn't notice any fluid spills although can't be certain.

Two days prior to this I noticed that every time I tried to get the car in reverse, it would crunch. On two occasions I also heard a quick 'clunk' noise when i first started my car and crept forward. This noise came from somewhere near the gearbox/clutch/diff. It could have been a clutch release arm, or anything, I don't know. It wasn't major although definitely didn't go unnoticed.

With these symptoms and end result, can anyone suggest a potential fault or fix? I want to do all I can on my own to avoid taking it to a mechanic (if possible).

It should be noted the clutch is only 18 months old and should in no way be worn as I drive the car properly. The car had also been sitting in my garage for about 3 weeks as I was overseas (most likely unrelated). This happened 4 days after driving it again.

Clutch cable? binding linkage? release bearing? master cylinder? Please help!!! :confused::confused:

Cheers :D
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