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Good day
I own a 2013 Kizashi and it had a recall on the clutch pedal box that was done at 16000Km. The vehicle have now 132800Km on the clock. The clutch pedal box and the top structural mounting breaked. Took the vehicle to my local dealer just to be tell that Suzuki will not repair the problem since the vehicle was not fully serviced at them. The vehicle had all services up to 90000Km at agents and the other two at a independent certified mechanical workshop. The main concern is that if a structural breakage occurred is it not the manufactures responsibility to repair, since it is no part that can be bought and replaced without specialize equipment. The broken part needs to be grind of and a new part welded on. I will add photo's. I just want to say in my limited engineering knowledge I still feel the problem is that the structural support bracket is of poor design and it will keep on breaking and it should not be the owners problem but the manufactures responsibility to repair and even redesign to ensure it do not re-occur.
My solution to the problem was to make my own clutch box top mounting support that will keep the clutch box in place and ensure I do not have the same problem again.

I just want to share with members so that if you experience the same problem you may have a solution that will not cost you a arm and a leg and it will fix the problem forever.

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