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Hello one and all,

I recently bought a 1994 SJ413 in the UK and imported it to Ireland.
It's a beauty, but unfortunately I've fallen the wrong side of the new NOx tax in VRT.
Since I've no record of NOx in the log book (as far as I can see), I've been put in the top band.

It should be <€50 for NOx on a vehicle like this, I'm being charged €600.

All is not lost if I can get my hands on the CoC for the car, but I've read conflicting reports as to whether they exist for vehicles of this age.
It came into EU law for 1998, but some threads I've read say it could be available for as early as 1993.

I've called Suzuki and they aren't willing to guarantee it will be there, and will charge €95 up front for the admin fee regardless of success or failure.

Can anybody please give me some clarity on whether the CoC should be available?

Many thanks!

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