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The dome, radio, and cigarette lighter have all suddenly stopped working in my swift. This is the second time this has happened.

The first time this happened, I took my car to the garage and they said it was simply a fuse had gone and was a quick job to replace.

Having a keen interest in cars I attempted to tackle it myself this time, unfortunately, I could not find the fuse to replace.

I have look at the one under the steering column, and replaced that fuse, yet nothing has happened to fix the problem.

I have lifted the bonnet to find a second fuse box, on the far right of the car, but I cannot make out which fuse is the one that is for the centre console.

I have looked in the manual, and there appears to be a third fuse box which contains the fuse I am looking for, but I cannot find the fuse box.

My question is where is it? Or have I just missed the fuse in the second fuse box mentioned?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :)
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