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Central console opening to change gear linkage bushings Instructions- manual Ignis 2003

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Hi, does anyone know how to open the central console to look at the gear linkage bushing? I took off the front 2 screws from the sides (the two screws at the rear dont exist anymore) and the plastic cover under the hand break lever but cannot remove the console.

My gear stick is loose in the forward-backward direction and I want to buy the gear linkage bushing from ebay to change...

Last year the gear stick was loose side to side for a while and then one day it did not engage anymore after parking. The mechanic at that time change seemingly the broken plastic bushing, the ?circlip and said the plastic bushing for forward-backward movement was going to crack soon....
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I've done this job more than 3 times. There is also a plastic bit in the middle that pops up and out with a screw under it. The plastic gear selector cable end (not completely round) needs to be lined-up in a certain position to disconnect or slide out of the interface assembly.

I've also had the front of cable plastic female ball fitting/adapter at the gearbox select arm ball disintegrate on a couple, so make sure they are lubed regularly, but you can get away with it not being there in some cases.
Thanks a lot, It worked!
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