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I'm having a few slight carb problems on my 87 sierra, a few tips or solutions would be great. I'm not overly fussed because i really only need short term solutions as I've sourced a 3C corolla carb as a cheap and simple replacement!

1-It absolutely chews through fuel averaging 13-14L/100km (250-300kms per tank)

2-when i put my foot down more than 3/4 throttle my seems to pause for a second then get going

3-once it's warm it won't idle below 1200rpm, I've adjusted the idle all the way down and I can't get it to drop any more

4-It struggles to do 100km/h (62mph) then sometimes it''ll decide it''ll want to do 115km/h, once I've slowed or stopped it won't do 100km/h again

I know everyones probably sick of posts about carbs but I can't seem to find a solution to these problems so any advice would be much appreciated
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