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Hi guys I've been reading the forums for some time now and the information has been a great help. I have a 2006 swift push to start that have a issue with shuting down and sometimes starting. So about a year ago the car at times won't start, push the start button and nothing happens so I thought it was the key fob so I took it to the dealer and bought two new jobs and had them program it, worked fine just until recently it started to do the same thing again. To get it to start I just needed to lock and unlock the car 3 times and it would start.
So yesterday I had the two front wheel bearing replaced and after replacing them started the car for a test run and when done pushed button to shut down engine and nothing happens enigne stayed on, no key light on dash nothing car will not shut down had to pull fuse to kill engine.
Now to shut down engine start/stop button need to be pushed and held down for 5 seconds for engine to shut down. Can any explain or shed some light on this for me.
Thank you in advance this forum is awesome. Sorry for the long read.
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