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Video of what I see:
Suzuki XL-7 (2003) - YouTube

Here's the story, car won't start. I only hear one click on each key turn.
Battery was replaced 6 months ago. I took the battery out and took it to Pepboys to have it tested. They said it passed and everything looked good.

I was getting the one click issue for a few months now. However, I got the car to start if I wiggled the steering wheel, or rapidly turned the key in ignition until one of the turns of the ignition got a crank. Lately however, starting the engine has gotten harder and harder, and moving the wheel doesn't help much at all anymore.

I called road side assistance and they tried to jump start my car with both a portable battery pack and then when that failed, they used jumper cables with their car battery to my car battery. It still did not get a crank. Just a click.

If you watch the video, all accessories work well, lights, windows roll up at normal speed, A/C blower fan runs at full blast. Road Side assistance didn't notice anything unusual. I also moved the car shifter up and down a few times to see if it was anything related to my Automatic transmission.

Could this confirm that my starter is shot? Or is some stupid safety mechanism getting in the way? Keep in mind this has happened a couple times before back a years ago. We took it to the dealership while it was still under warranty. When we asked the mechanic what the problem was, they said "oh, just no big deal, just a small problem" :rolleyes:

Needless to say, there isn't a Suzuki Dealership where I live anymore. All the local ones around me closed shop. The next Suzuki dealership from me is 200 miles away. All the Honda, Toyota, BMW/Mercedes dealerships are still in business. And I live in the middle of NJ, not the middle of nowhere. That says a lot about Suzuki quality or their customer service, cause they made the car run worse after they fixed four recalls in it. We got new issues such as: leaky valve cover gaskets and burning oil in the exhaust on a cold start :mad: We took the XL7 back to the last known dealership FOUR TIMES and they still couldn't get the car working how it was BEFORE we let them touch it. Eventually, I had to take the XL7 to a local mechanic to get the job done right.

So with omitting my last rant above, is this enough information to confirm that my starter is shot?

2003 XL7 @ 112,000 miles. Auto trans.
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