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Wanna see better at Night? Stock Light bulb is not bright enough for you? Let HID-Xenon conversion kit help you!

This group buy is for the Bright-Lite HID kit

H4 Hi/Lo beam HID for $245 shipped instead of 325 shipped (Low beam HID bulb with Hi beam regular Xenon looking bulb)

$225 for most Single Beam (9005, 9006, H1, H3, H7, H11, 880 .etc)

$325 for most Dual Beam (9007, H4, 9003)

GB price: if we can get 10 kits or more will be $200 shipped for most single beam and H4 Hi/Lo beam HID

Color Temp Available

3000K Gold Yellow Temp, Great for Fog light
4300K The most OEM HID Temp
5000K Bright White
6500K Bright white with slightly blue
8000K Deep Blue (Looks good but less useful output) Not Recommend

This HID required No cutting and re-wiring required for entire installation.

35W. Xenon Gas Filled HID bulbs. No Filament This HID kit come with SLIM ballast design gives your engine bay a clean look

Easy to installation (20 minutes for a beginner)

CE Approved

Accept Payment: Paypal, money order, cashier check , maybe cash
(3% fee may apply for paypal)
Full Year Warranty
Note :
HID-Xenon Conversion Kit are for off-road driving, we do not held any responsibilities if its used on daily driving.

Please send me an E-mail @ [email protected] for order. Thank you so much

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How are the dual-beam bulbs set up? Do they actually run off two arcs, or is there a mechanism that move the electrode, or what?

Thanks ~

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his are xenon low and a haolgen high, there junk and over $$$$$$ed
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