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Bought a 3.2 V6 "Prestige" Grand Vitara late last year, with the idea being to do some travelling in it (starting mid-next month) and also for towing our 4.8M runabout.

Seems odd that Suzuki would fit HID headlights and some other "nice" things to the vehicle, and then skimp on things such as parking sensors and a decent "infotainment" system.

Figured I'd remedy that.

The stereo is one of the Chinese units with the "plug and play" harness etc. I plumped for the reverse camera with it also.

Additionally, I came across a new in box set of factory Grand Vitara reverse park sensors, albeit in a blue colour (our car is the purple/plum colour). I fixed that by having some paint made up in the appropriate colour for our car and painting/clear-coating the sensors.

Figured I'd fit the reverse sensors first, and while I had the trims off in the LHS of the car, I'd run the feed wire for the camera from rear to front, and also hook it into the reverse light wire at the rear of the car (to "trigger" the new stereo to go into reverse camera mode when reverse is selected).

Suzuki's instructions are good, and one advantage of factory sensors is that they are designed to fit into various nooks and crannies under the trim. Additionally, the manual states that if a factory tow hitch is installed, you can hook the earth wire straight into the one for the trailer. Sure enough, on removing the RHS inner trim piece, to expose the back of the RHS tail light, there was the trailer loom, with a convenient earth wire (and connector) hanging there, ready to accept the earth connector for the sensors.

Got it all hooked up, and tested. Working perfectly. Bonus.

Then started tearing trims etc. out at the front of the car (A-pillars, and HVAC/Stereo surrounds), and removing the stereo itself.

Swapped brackets over, and put it all back together as a unit. Before re-installing in dash, I fitted a spade connector for the reverse "Feed" wire, and a complementary connector to the "back" wire on the new stereo's harness. The DVD for the stereo is supposed to be earthed to the hand brake earth, but I simply earthed it behind the glove box.

I also needed to run wires down the A-Pillars for GPS (on the LHS), and WiFi and 'Phone mic (on RHS).

Once all that was done, I maneuvered the stereo into position, connected HVAC/4WD/Traction Control/Hill Descent plugs, then all of the stereo and camera (etc.) plugs, and inserted the thing into the dash and tested, All seemingly working.

Buttoned it all up, and tested again. GPS works, Radio works, WiFi works, DVDs play and the reverse camera "lit up" first time out. Happy days.

Old Stereo

New Stereo in Box

Stereo and Trims removed

New Stereo installed

Reverse Sensor Controller and Buzzer installed, with feed wires connected for controller and reverse camera.

Sensor Holes drilled.

This is where the sensor loom will be run.

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