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Brand New Klight HID conversion kits are special sales now!!!

We are offering any bulbs for any cars, motorbikes and trucks. (H1, H3, H4/9003, H7, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, D2R, and D2S)

We have any color temperature.
3000K (golden yellow)
6000k (extreme white)
8000K (crystal blue)
10000K (aqua blue)
12000K (crystal purple)
30000K (pink)

3000K requires special order $25 extra
H4 Dual beam requires special order$25 extra

We are selling for $175.00 included shipping and handling fees. (Lower 48 states, other locations extra please contact me for details).

Payment Options:
Paypal and Check/Money Order (Personal checks 7 days to clear)

Email: [email protected]

HID conversion Kit specification:
Klight HID conversion kit applies the newest German technology.
Klight product maintains high standard quality.
  • 3X the light output
  • 10X service life
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • Improved down-road illumination
  • Lighter color temperature (whiter light)
  • Lower power consumption
  • Rainproof Ballasts
Why do you buy the HID conversion kit from us?
Our kits are Plug & Play system; you do not require any wire cutting, custom fitting and stress. You just plug in each connection. The kits come with wiring harness has all the necessary connectors. No cutting or splicing of wires is required.
The Kits approved by E-MARK (e4) & CE certification and ISO-9001:2000 manufacturer.

What will be included in the package?
2 ballasts, 2 HID bulbs, 2 ballast holders, Warranty card and installation instruction

Does the HID Kit comes with Warranty?
All HID kits comes with 1 year warranty.

Confused about what bulb type you should use??
You are check the bulb type of your car at the link below:
OSRAM SYLVANIA - Replacement Guide - Start

If anyone have any questions, just PM me or contact me via email.

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Hey ill let u know in about a week man wheather or not i want to buy an hid kit. I have been looking on ebay for quite some time now and i am most likely going to get one. if i do order one it's going to be the h4 bi-xenon bulbs if u can get em. please pm me if you have any questions!

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My Friends' cars installed Klight HID Kits

2002 Honda Civic Si
H3 3000Kfog light
H4 5000K headlight dual beam

2001 Acura Integra
9006 6000K headlight Low beam


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pshh I can tell you what is wrong, you want 3% more for a paypal payment, which IMO is pretty stupid. I would do the opposite, as paypal is faster than the other methods. I was considering buying a set until I saw that, unless you are willing to retract the 3%!
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