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Anybody have any tips on cleaning. the windows on a best top? Mine are grungy to the point its hard to see to back up.

Also are there any treatments that will soften the top itself? I hate to trash this one it still looks good but its so stiff I'd be afraid to take it down.



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Most auto supply stores have products to clean and polish
the side/back plastic windows on the Sami. Just ask.
There is a rumour that lemon pledge, the furniture polish
will work too ... have not tried it and don't know anyone
who has.
If you do not score some stuff at the auto supply place
near you then try a boat builder or parts sales place.
They have it but it is almost twice as expensive.
Some say armoural will work on the top but no experience
with it myself.
You are right about not getting it back on though, a buddy
had that trouble with his and ended up getting a new top.
He wanted one anyways so he did not try hard to get it
back on, he just did some trimming and used it as a home
built bukini top. (be careful how you cut it though)

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[/QUOTE] he just did some trimming and used it as a home
built bukini top. (be careful how you cut it though)[/QUOTE]

that's a good tip.


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I hope this helps/answers your question,

From Rampage Tops website, Top care:

Soft Top Care Instructions:

Convertible tops and accessories require special care if you want to get the maximum usage and enjoyment
from them. The following recommendations, if followed carefully, can extend the life of your top or accessory.

Hand wash using a mild non-detergent soap such as ivory. Use a nonabrasive cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly.
Do not wash in direct sunlight and avoid automatic car washes
When your top is clean, we recommend using “Ragg Topp” or “303 Protectant” on both the vinyl top and windows.
This product contains a sunscreen that helps protect from the sun’s damaging rays. Stay away from
products containing alcohol, as it will cause the fabric and windows to lose their elasticity, thus reducing
the life of your top or accessory. If you are unable to locate “RaggTopp” Please call 1-800-377-4700 for a
distributor near you or go online to . For “303 Protectant”, please call 1-800-223-4303
for a distributor near you.

Direct sunlight and heat are the biggest enemies of the windows. Park in the shade whenever possible. If you
must park in the sunlight, rotate the direction that you park every few days so all windows get even

Our tops are designed so that you may roll up and/or store the rear curtain and side curtains. To prevent scratching
of the windows, be sure that windows are completely clean and free of dust particles. Even a little dirt will
badly scratch the windows. You may want to use a soft cloth when rolling up or storing your windows.

Heat may build up on rolled up windows, so be sure to unroll them frequently. If you roll up the windows
at the beginning of summer and leave them, they may be ruined by fall.

Do not open or roll up windows at temperatures below 45 degrees F. this could cause them to crack or break.

This is from the Rugged ridge website, A little long but it gives a total how to concerning top maintenance:

Care and Maintenance of Your New Top.

Your top is made of the finest materials available. To keep it looking new and for the maximum
possible ware, it will need periodic cleaning and maintenance.


The fabric should be washed often using soap, warm water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse with
clear water to remove all traces of soap.


Keeping the zipper cleaned and lubricated with a
silicone lubricant will help prevent damage and
keep the zippers in a smooth working condition.
If a zipper opens behind the slider, the slider may
have been spread apart. This problem can usually
be repaired by using an ordinary pair of pliers to
bring the sides back into parallel. Return slider to
end of the zipper in the normal open position.
Squeeze lightly at first and test the zipper. If
the zipper continues to remain open, squeeze
more firmly with the pliers and try the zipper again.
repeat this procedure until the zipper operates


In the event of seeping through the seams, 3M Scotchgard® may be applied on the inside of
the seams to stop the seepage. Rips in the fabric may be repaired with Bondex® iron on
patches. Iron the patches to the inside of the top, carefully following the Bondex® instructions.


Keep snaps cleaned and lubricated with silicone to help prevent snaps from sticking to the studs.
If a snap does become stuck to a stud, use a small flat head screw driver and GENTLY pry
apart to prevent permanent damage to the snap or the top fabric.


Keep windows clean to avoid scratching. DO NOT use a brush on the windows! Wash with
a water soaked cloth or sponge and a mild dish washing detergent. NEVER WIPE THE
WINDOWS WHEN THEY ARE DRY! Be careful when cleaning snow or frost from the vinyl
WINDOWS WHEN THEY ARE DRY! Be careful when cleaning snow or frost from the vinyl
windows since they are easily scratched and may crack at low temperatures. DO NOT roll
the sides or rear window in cold weather. The windows become stiff and will crack.

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If the window is already messed up I don't think scrubbing on it with soap will work...

Try Flitz to remove the grunge. I don't vouch for "miracle" products very often but Flitz is one of those things that works unbelievably well.

If you are worried... here is an FAQ from Flitz's website...

Can I Use Flitz On Plastics?
Flitz Polish works great on most plastics. It will remove oxidation, graffiti, stains and minor scuffs from Plexiglass, Lucite, Acrylics, Vinyl windows (like in convertible roofs), and many other plastics. We recommend that you test the Flitz polish in a small, hidden area to be sure.

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Thanks that will be helpful when I get a new one.
I was hoping for some magic snake oil that you spray on and instantly get clear windows and soft a top.

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