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I asked my dealer what type of motor oil they used in my car, they said Caltex 10w30. The manual recommends 5w30 oil and then they have added a special page for Australia where they recommend 0w20 for best fuel economy and easy start at cold morning.

So has anyone tried the 0w20 motor oil? And then comes the really hard question, which brand I should use, it's really hard to know which is the best. I want to put in full syntheic oil and my dealer only fills it up with semi-synthetic (synthetic blend).

Does anyone know a good brand of full synthetic oil which suits the Alto?

When I went to my local car shops, they didn't have 0w20, the lightest were 0w30. So it seams like I need to buy the 0w20 oil on ebay, but then I was thinking, there might be a reason why they don't sell 0w20, that it might not offering the best protection because it's so thin. But on the other hand they wouldn't recommend 0w20 in the car's manual if it would be bad for the engine.

I'm very confused, I have been talking to the dealer but they don't really seem to no much, they just tell me no don't worry, when I asked what type of oil, they just seed it depends what oil they can there hands on.

My goal is to have a oil for best fuel efficiency, and the lighter the oil is the better fuel economy right? But I still want my car to have proper protection as well.

I'm very thankfull if anyone could give me some advice.

Here is the specification of my car

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