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I have recently had trouble with my 2005 Suzuki Verona not starting. Once the battery is jumped it is fine. But will go dead after about 12 hours. The alternator has been replaced and the battery and alternator have been tested as in working condition upon load. We have checked fuses and have found nothing. There is nothing that appears on in the car(such as dome lights, etc..) Can someone please help us with any ideas as to what maybe causing the problem?

Recently my check engine light came on with my Suzuki Verona (2005). I went to Autozone to have the code read, but they were not able to bring up any codes as their meter would not even power on. The guys there agreed it must have been a fuse that is blown. I checked a few there, but found all were in good shape. Does anyone have an idea why the OBD-II code reader will not work?
NOTE: Recently had alternator replaced, and the fuse for my power windows blew - which I replaced and is now working fine.
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