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Hi, I was hoping to tap into your expertise on Jimnys please. I bought a 2000 Jimny 44k miles yesterday. I drove it home on the motorway & noticed it reving at 4200 rpm at 75mph. Is this normal? Will I damage it if I drive at this speed on my way to work everyday for about 10mins or on longer journeys?

When I was at this speed and moved my foot off the accelerator a micron it plummeted down in speed suddenly and then jerked back up when I put it back on. What could be the cause of this?

I realise that they're built for dirt, not motorways & I did buy it for the 4x4 but this doesn't seem normal to it?

I read the manual but it doesn't say to use the clutch when going from 2h to 4h. Should I use the clutch?

Thanks a million & happy new year :)
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